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About Company

«Signal» - Home.

Signal Group is a modern team, who has advanced competencies in development, production and sales of products.

EPO Signal LLC now has three lines of business: measuring instruments, pressure sensors, gas and gas-fired combustion facilities.

The history of EPO «Signal» LLC is associated with the beginning and development of national space device engineering. In 1918 the first manufacturer of aircraft instruments, namedе «Aviapribor». Plant was built. Its main purpose was to product goods competitive with already experienced American and European companies.

The mass production of instruments began in 1924. 7 years later «Aviapribor » product output was about 80-100% of all produced domestic aircraft instruments.

The Great Patriotic War made adjustments to the company location. To provide safety of the most important defense company in war conditions it was decided to transfer business. On 23 October 1941 the company was relocated to the City of Engels, Saratov Region.

The company made a significant contribution to the victory. The plant was lead in terms of aircraft instruments production in the country. In 1942 it manufactured 88% of autopilots, 85% of artificial horizons, 100% of altimeters, 69% of airspeed indicators, 80% of vacuum pressure gauges, 80% of air temperature gauges, 83% of air pressure indicators, 96% of three-pointer engine gages, 95% of compasses and 100% of rpm indicators. In 1942 the weight of the plant No. 213 in instruments release in the quantity of Chief Directorate made 34.4% of the total output in the USSR. In 1943 a part of business was transferred back to Moscow, Kazan and Ulyanovsk. In 1945 another part of business, today known formally as «Saratov Electrounit Production Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze» transferred to the industrial site of Saratov City. In Engels City only one branch stayed on producing successfully temperature gauges, air pressure indicators and three-pointer engine gages and upgrading manufacturing of them.

СThe company set on its legs in fact on 01 July 1951. That day was commonly believed the «Signal» LLC birthday.

The road to space.

Nowadays among the customers of aircraft instruments of EPO «Signal» LLC is every single aircraft production unit of Russia and CIS countries. The high quality and accuracy of manufactured devices allowed us to reach stratospheric level from the very beginning of development of this production branch:

1957 – Launching of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite of Earth.

1961 – First human space flight.

1964 – «Voskhod» spacecraft is a Soviet program of multiman spacecrafts for earth-orbital flights.

1970 – Lunokhod I, moon walker (vehicle 8ЕЛ No. 203).

1988 – First launching of «Energia» – « Buran »orbital spaceship.

New direction.

Business and market environment, legislation, and the company itself undergo changes: the production is expanded, new products are developed, new subdivisions and subsidiaries are revealed. Following these external alterations we also change.

In 1991 the largest enterprise in Saratov Region put its stakes on a new line of development and business. The plant that has been working for nearly half a century for aviation and space began to master production of gas facilities competing now favourably at the Russian market.

In the market of domestic and industrial gas equipment Signal LLC is one of the leading designers and manufacturers developing three principal directions:

  • gas distribution equipment.
  • gas measuring equipment.
  • gas-fired facilities.

Due to the widest breadth and high quality of the finished products we can remain ahead of the curve and cooperate with such global companies as «Gazprom». In 2012 our company participated in the implementation of «Gazprom» projects in terms of equipment supply for the construction of main gas pipeline in Nizhny Novgorod Region,as well as projects of «Gazprom Gazoraspredeleniye » JSC in terms of equipment supply for the facilities of Leningrad, Astrakhan, Orenburg, Arkhangelsk and other Regions.

«Signal» today.

1) 2006 – acquiring «Manometr» Moscow Plant.

In 2006 EPO «Signal» LLC was put on the Recognition Board of Saratov Region for the great contribution in its socio-economic development.

2) 2007 – EPO «Signal» joining the Multi-Millionaires’ Club.

3) 2008 – winning «Saratov Brand – 2008» regional contest.

4) 2009 – EPO «Signal» LLC started launching of instruments of Sapfir group.

5) In 2010 EPO «Signal» LLC was recognized the Leader of industry.

6) 2011 – receiving a citation of The President of the Russian Federation.

7) 2012 – EPO" «Signal» joining the «Union of Aircraft Engine Building», International Association and «Russian Engineering Union» the Russian Engineering Union .

8) 2013 – «Signal» implementing successfully a large contract with «Uzbektransgaz» JSC, Uzbek Company, of «Uztashkineftegaz » JSC.

/* 9) 2014 - EPO" «Signal» providing the supply of equipment for Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.,Indian company. */

Our projects

Currently EPO «Signal» LLC implements a wide range of new-product developments and upgrades the following production samples:

1. high-accuracy absolute pressure sensors (APT and APT-S)

2. adaptive sensors of DDA-VT series.

3. pressure sensors with the protection of IPIDMZU-type amplifier.

4. 2DD–KMV overpressure sensors.

5. DMP–АТ overpressure sensors..

The Company has a fully formed rich technical basis: own foundry, electroplating and machining, production of protective coatings, tools and mechanical aids, it has assembly effort lines for manufacturing of air pressure indicators, general industrial instruments, gas-distribution units, industrial and domestic flow survey.

Updating and upgrading of production and processing base of the company forge ahead. During 2012 the amount of 35 million rubles was invested in the production development. The main investment pattern is a technical re-engineering of production capacities with the purpose to improve labour efficiency, adaptability to manufacture, to master new products launch. We have an own Design Department that is engaged on top of everything else with the development of new types of instruments, and with the upgrading of mass-produced items to improve their consumer attributes, and to bring them in line with the new market requirements. In this context we work at almost all the business lines of the Company: gas-distribution products, industrial and domestic flow survey, aviation, space and missile products, and general industrial instruments.

For the time of production re-engineering and upgrading «Signal» LLC has acquired and established several affiliated companies:

1) Engels Plant of Heating Equipment «Signal» LLC..

2) «Signal-S» JSC.

3) «Signal-Management » LLC.

4) «Signal-Invest » LLC.

5) Nonprofit Partnership « Sports Club «Signal».

6) «Diagnostic and Treatment Center «Doctor» LLC.

7) «Health Camp «Horizont » LLC.

8) Leasing Company «Enaks».

9) «Private Security Company «ShChit» LLC.

10) Charitable Foundation «Our Life ».

11) «Manometr» LLC.
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