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About company

EPO «Signal» is a developer and manufacturer of measuring instruments, gas equipment, pressure sensors, as well as a system integrator in the market of automation technology distribution and metering of energy resources.

We are doing development work for the leading companies of the Russian defense industry. We cooperate with leading design bureaus of the Russian industry.

We have the own design departments, with the support of leading national universities, working with the marketing department is continuously conducting research and development of new products, focused on the company's clients.


The company has competences on the market of engineering services in the field of automation technology, gas and heat supply, and energy accounting. Our Clients – are the largest gas utilities and Consumers from different regions.

For the production of the wide range of products the company has implemented an advanced system of quality, well-organized team-working of managers and specialists.


The company has formed a strong technical base - own foundry, press-forging and machining manufacturing of protective coatings, tools and mechanization, the line of assembly-mounting works, control and testing laboratory using the latest equipment and modern technologies.

The company broadly applies the principles of lean manufacturing.


The company cares about its customers and offers maximum useful information about the product, logs and tracks all calls of its Customers, organizes and develops service activities in the regions.

Products and services are readily available in various parts of Russia and Commonwealth States. We promote their products in foreign countries.

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