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Company mission

Company mission

To be a leader, creating the best

  • Developing and producing the devices and measuring systems, we contribute to the creation of industry, nuclear power, gasification and utilities sectors.
  • Creating energy-efficient equipment and systems, we are increasing the efficiency of energy use and improve people's living conditions.
  • In developing our business, we contribute to the prosperity of Russia.

EPO "Signal" LLC is striving to become:

  • the leader of the Russian market, the leading exporter of gas and the service operator and instrumentation products due to its quality and innovation;
  • dynamic and efficient company that combines knit and professional team;
  • a model of reliability, stability and strength of corporate business principles.

Mission and development trends define the following priorities of the company:

  • Customer focus

    The priority activity of EPO "Signal" LLC is the full satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers through continuous improvement of management system, production technology, improve the quality and expand and update the range of products.

    The company improved on the basis of expectations of customers, responding quickly to their needs and the activities of competitors.

  • Quality

    Production of the enterprise is the sample of the quality.

    The high quality of our products is achieved by unconditional and conscious fulfillment by each employee of the company quality management system requirements.

  • Professionalism and teamwork

    High professionalism of the company's employees is the key to leadership EPO "Signal" LLC - we attract the best talent to the team in the region. Employees are the main asset of the enterprise. We are interested in a professional and creative development team.

    The success of the Company EPO "Signal" is the sum of the efforts of the various services and departments working under a single economic and social policy. EPO "Signal" creates a working environment that attracts and retains employees and develops in them patriotism and pride, which contributes to the overall goals of market leadership.

  • Effective management

    ОEPO "Signal" LLC is committed to the most efficient business management system. At all levels of management of the company are the best professionals in the industry, able to take independent decisions and be fully responsible for tasks assigned to them.

    We are committed to creating a transparent corporate structure and the development of corporate policies.

  • Financial and economic efficiency

    The financial and economic efficiency determines the development of the company. The profits increase - the dominant factor in the direction of the efforts and resources of the enterprise, providing the opportunity to attract investment to the new projects. Increasing financial and economic efficiency, we are developing the company and creating an opportunity for implementation of innovative projects.

  • Production

    The organization system of production EPO "Signal" LLC is based on the principles of lean manufacturing.

    The flexibility and mobility of production processes helps businesses in a timely manner to meet any market demand.

  • Social policy

    Social responsibility - one of the fundamental principles EPO "Signal" LLC

    The development of the city environment of the village - the place of residence of our employees - is a priority of social policy.

    The company contributes to the social development of the village, municipality and region, what improves the quality of life of its employees and local residents.

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