"MT100" series
pressure transmitter


"MT100" series pressure transmitters are designed for measuring the pressure of gases and liquids, including explosive, viscous and corrosive ones, in a wide temperature range and pressures from 2,5 bar up to 1000 bar.

Application fields

In the systems of automatic control, regulation and technological processes control in chemical, petrochemical and oil refining manufacturing; in the fields of thermal power, water industry, gas distribution networks, as well as at nuclear facilities.

Upper pressure measurement ranges
- gauge
2.5...1000 bar
- gauge pressure-vacuum
-1...39 bar
Accuracy ±0,25%; ±0,5%; ±1%
Protection IP55
Power supply 36V for 0...5 mA; 15...42V for 4...20 mA

Adjustment of the output signal  

✔ The membrane made of titanium alloy is resistant to aggressive environment
✔ Execution option Exia and Exd for explosive hazardous areas
✔ Various climatic executions
✔ Chatter stability and interference resistance

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